Tiki Rum Cocktail Crate

$ 96.69 

Take a trip to somewhere warm with this adventurous cocktail crate. Inside is all the elements to make a vacation in a Tiki mug. Mix up a Mai Tai or Barbados cocktail with these light and refreshing cocktails featuring Rum, Orgeat, and Falernum. All you need is some fresh lime, lemon, or orange juice and a bathing suit to get your tiki cocktail on. The Easter Island Tiki Mug is the ultimate way to serve tiki cocktails. With a detailed finish, this tiki mug brings a true tropical flavour to any drink you serve. Price is all taxes, liquor taxes included

Whats included in the crate:

Temper Rum - 750ml
Falernum Syrup - Ginger Lime, and spices - 340ml
Orgeat Syrup - 340ml
Seafoam Green Easter Island Tiki Mug - quantity 1

Cocktails  you can make and enjoy: 

Mai Tai Cocktail 

Temper Rum - 2 ounce
Lime Juice - ¾ ounce
Orgeat Syrup - ½ ounce
Orange Curacao or Orange Juice - ½ ounce
Garnish with Mint.
Crushed ice

Barbados Cocktail Recipe

Temper Rum - 1-1/2oz
Lime Juice ¾ oz fresh squeezed lime juice