Kiwi, Tangerine, House Made Bitters, Citrus & Vodka

$ 5.45 CAD
$ 5.45 CAD

We've always made it a goal to mix unique and unexpected elements into our drinks to ensure an exciting experience. To that end, we've kept our eyes and palates open for fun, flavourful or odd ingredients to try out. After tracking down a supply of kiwi and tangerine, we knew this would be a fun challenge to work out. Cocktail Wizard Paul quickly got to work, striking a balance between sweet tart kiwi, and the bold citrus of tangerine. To bring a refreshing, spritz-like quality to the drink, he even crafted some unique rhubarb and citrus bitters. The resulting beverage is more than the sum of its parts. There's sweet, sour, floral and bitter all working together in perfect harmony from root to (branch) tip. Pun not intended... well, maybe a little.

How to enjoy
Keep cold, enjoy cold. For best results, serve over ice.
Carbonated water, vodka, Kiwi juice, Tangerine juice, House made bitters, sugar, lime juice, citric acid, sodium benzoate, salt.
Blended with 100% real juice and ingredients
Premium spirits
handmade by the top distilleries in the world
Brilliant cocktails
for smart mouths

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Some kind words from our neighbours.

“Some of the best locally crafted cocktails!”
“Best premix cocktail I ever had!
Gin and grapefruit!”
Steph Pac
“Well curated and produced cocktails in a cool space.”
Jeff Nairn
“Very tasty!”
Conor Chambers

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