Cucumber, Sumac, Gin & Tonic

$ 5.45 CAD
$ 5.45 CAD

Another year, another special Provincial Gin & Tonic! Ever since we got going, we’ve challenged ourselves to come up with a unique annual take on the classic summer cocktail. There was the Apple Rosemary, then the Rose Pistachio, and now we’ve landed on one of our most delicious and refreshing drinks yet! Long used in Middle Eastern cooking, sumac berries brings a tart lemony character and a subtle pink hue to the party, while the vegetal freshness of the cucumber combines with our piney and floral gin, finishing with a dry and subtle bitterness from the tonic (courtesy of our friends at Rootside). Pairs perfectly with sunny forest walks, lakeside views, embracing the quiet stillness of the natural beauty that surrounds you… or just chilling on your couch with the A/C on. We don’t judge here.

How to enjoy
Keep cold, enjoy cold. For best results, serve over ice.
Blended with 100% real juice and ingredients
Premium spirits
handmade by the top distilleries in the world
Brilliant cocktails
for smart mouths

Common Questions

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Some kind words from our neighbours.

“Some of the best locally crafted cocktails!”
“Best premix cocktail I ever had!
Gin and grapefruit!”
Steph Pac
“Well curated and produced cocktails in a cool space.”
Jeff Nairn
“Very tasty!”
Conor Chambers

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