Cocktail Crew Crate

$ 30.00 

Our cocktail crew crate comes with a total of 6 ready to enjoy cocktails for you to enjoy. All bundled up in a new box for you to deliver to your best mate. The cocktail crew crate features the greatest cocktails of 2020. Our Passionfruit Orange Guave & Vodka, Blood Orange Vanilla & Vodka Creamsicle, and Apricot Vodka Sour. Our most sought after cocktails in one convenient 6 pack box ready for under the tree. AVAILABLE NOW FOR SHIPMENT.

Included in the box: 

Passionfruit, Orange, Guava & Vodka - quantity x2 -341ml bottles
Blood Orange, Vanilla, Cardamon - quantity x2 -341ml bottles
Apricot, Almond, Lemon & vodka Sour - quantity x2 -341ml bottles